1/1 physical + digital NFT
30 x 40" in | 3200 x 4000 px
Winner receives both pieces
Reserve: 1 ETH + 24 hour auction
*Sold: 1.5 ETH

Dropped 3/8/23 at 7pm ET
Thank you everyone for all the continued support. Piece is available in secondary market via OpenSea.

This piece is about those dreams of launching off these massive pillow lines while ripping powder in backcountry snowboarding. It's a piece that reminded me of my teenage years when I'd slap snowboard and skateboard posters on my wall and dream about being a pro.

This 1/1 piece is part of the 'Alimo - Originals' collection and they are super rare. I created this website to showcase both pieces as blockchain marketplaces only allow one image to be shown.
Checkout my Twitter thread explaining the backstory here

Alimo - NFT 'pillows'
*Digital NFT
Alimo - 1/1 NFT 'pillows'
You receive both
Alimo - NFT 'pillows' acrylic on canvas
*Physical Painting
30x40" in. acrylic on canvas

NFT comes with

Not only are you buying dope art and helping support my creative path, you get some goods with the purchase.

  • Alimo - close up shot of physical painting

    The winner of the NFT will receive both the physical painting and the digital NFT created by Alimo.

  • Alimo sweatshirt - mermaid gang

    Token-gate into my Ecommerce store at 30% off storefront at www.alimofun.com

  • alimo QR code

    NFC chip for proof of authenticity. This is attached to the physical painting on the back.


Born and raised in Oregon, Alimo finds himself traveling all over the world to find inspiration to paint. His process relies on an obsession with interacting and interpreting the world around him. This process involves daily watercolor paintings and sketches on location to brain dump ideas, to then polishing compositions on both the computer and canvas.

Alimo - profile photo

Alimo is best known for his curvy post-pop imagery, highly saturated colors, vibrant hand-drawn letters, and worlds inhabited by figures arranged on flat tonal surfaces. His line-work blends both drawing and design with inspiration from the ocean to the mountains focusing on people interacting with their everyday selves. The art can typically be seen on paintings, prints, NFTs, murals, and merchandise. Alimo gets inspiration from the outdoors, snowboarding, surfing, exploring, photography, hanging with friends, and anything that provokes creativity.